Lake Construction

The Lake

Depth of Lake

The lake has been designed with training in mind, ease of access with handrails and beach type entry. With stepped training platforms at 1.5 metres and 3.4 metres. The depth of the lake is a maximum of 7 metres to flat concrete area in the middle, this can fluctuate. Pontoon to practise entry.

Water Temperature

The average temperature ranges from 25°C in summer to 6°C in winter. Water temperature will vary depending on weather conditions.

Lake temperture 18th July 2018; Surface 24°C


Like many UK inland and sea diving sites visibility can alter from good to low. Many factors affect visibility including water temperature, algea bloom

(in summer), and precipitation.


What's in the lake to see?

The Lake in Pictures

Divers at the Andark Lake Underwater in the lake Sunken Jet Ski
Diver on the first platform 1.5 metres Entry into the Lake Andark Lake
Andark Lake Entrt point Divier training in th lake Divers training in the lake
Mirror in the Andark Lake Hazel on the jet ski Jet Ski
Barge Timbers Entry Point A EntryPointB
Pontoon at the Andark Lake lake from the sky! Bird's eye view of the lake