I understand all of the inherent dangers of SCUBA diving, skin diving, snorkeling and swimming and understand basic rules for underwater activities.

I understand and agree that the purpose of my diving activities are strictly recreational, and that it is not the function of the staff of Andark Lake or any of the diving leaders employed by Andark Lake to serve as the guardian(s) of my safety.

I agree to provide my own equipment and be responsible for its good operation condition, regardless of where I obtained it. I further agree that prior to each dive I will check my own equipment and my buddy’s equipment to ensure proper function, completeness and familiarity, and do not expect my equipment to be inspected by the staff of Andark Lake.

I understand my diving leader(s) or Andark Lake staff may provide advice or assistance to me, and I agree to hold harmless Andark Lake, or any of its agents, staff or leader(s) for any of their actions in attempting to be of assistance to me. I do not expect Andark Lake or its agents to supervise or control my diving activities in any way. By signing this document, I assume all responsibility for my actions, property loss or damage, personal injury, or wrongful death, even if caused by the negligence of Andark Lake staff or agents.

I further understand that skin and SCUBA diving are physically strenuous activities and that I can exert myself by participating in these activities. If I am injured in any way, including but not limited to heart attack, panic, hyperventilation or drowning, I expressly assume all risk of these injuries, and in doing so, I exempt and release Andark Lake, or any of its staff or agents, from all liability or responsibility resulting from my participation in skin and SCUBA diving.

I am aware that Andark Lake is considered to be a remote diving location, and as a result, I further understand it can take emergency medical services 25-40 minutes to respond when called. However, it is my decision to skin and/or SCUBA dive at Andark Lake knowing these facts and limitations.

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the Rules of Andark Lake and the Standard SCUBA Diving Practices (see reverse side of this form) during my recreational diving activities.
I understand and agree that I am participating in these recreational diving activities voluntarily, and I agree to be completely responsible for my own actions.

I understand there are living creatures in the lake and on the lake site, including fish and other wildlife. I will be aware of deer, foxes, badgers and any other wildlife on the site, especially at night.

COVID-19- I accept that my visit (and anyone who accompanies me) and use of facilities is fully at my own risk. I agree that I will not visit the site if I have had any Coronavirus symptoms in the past 14 days.

I hereby declare that I am of legal age (over 18 years) and am competent to sign this waiver and release agreement, or that my parent or guardian will sign this document on my behalf if I am a minor.

In signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I have read this agreement, understand it, and agree to be bound by it.


Rules of Andark Lake


      1. Diving or jumping from the lake sides into the water is strictly prohibited.

      1. The consumption or use of any alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.

      1. Glass containers are prohibited from the lake premises.

      1. The use of fireworks (including firecrackers and sparklers) is strictly prohibited.

      1. Poaching (fishing, hunting and/or spearfishing) is strictly prohibited at Andark Lake.

      1. We recommend a cutting device or knife while diving

      1. All litter must be deposed of in refuse bins. Used soda lime or other toxic materials must be removed from site.

      1. No unaccompanied children on site.

      1. Dogs must be kept on leads around the lake, must not be left in cars and must be supervised at all time. Please ensure you clean up after your dog.

    1. The pontoon is an entry point only. Do not use to exit the lake.


Anadark Lake Standard SCUBA Diving Practices

SCUBA Diving can be dangerous, so to minimise your risk, you as a diver should:


      1. Be trained in SCUBA diving by a certified open water instructor and certified by a nationally recognised certifying organization, or be under the supervision of an appropriately certified instructor if undergoing training.

      1. Maintain good physical and mental condition for diving. Only dive when feeling well. Do not use any intoxicating or dangerous drugs before diving. Get a regular medical examination for SCUBA diving.

      1. Use reliable, complete and well maintained diving equipment, which you check before each dive. Deny use of your equipment to a non-certified diver. When SCUBA diving in Andark Lake use a functional buoyancy control device (BCD) plus a submersible pressure gauge.

      1. Know the limitations of yourself, your buddy and your equipment. Use the best possible judgment and common sense in planning each dive. Allow a margin of safety in order to be prepared for emergencies. Set moderate limits of depth and time in the water.

      1. Familiarize yourself with the dive site. Please consult lake map or ask a member of staff.

      1. Control your buoyancy to make diving as easy as possible. Be prepared to clean your mask, mouthpiece, or take other emergency action if needed.

      1. Never dive alone. Always dive with a buddy. Know each other’s equipment. Know and review hand signals and stay in close contact with your buddy.

      1. Where appropriate use SMB (Surface Marker Buoy), slowly surface watching and listening for possible hazards in a controlled manner.

      1. Beware of breath-holding. Breathe continuously throughout a SCUBA dive. Exhale or breathe normally during any ascent. Know your limits and allow for margin of safety. Be sure to equalize pressure early and often both during ascent and descent.

      1. If you are cold, tired, injured, low on air or not feeling well, then get out of the water immediately and inform lake staff. Diving is more risky and no longer enjoyable at that point. If any abnormality persists, get medical attention.

      1. Know decompression procedures, tables and emergency procedures as established by your SCUBA agency. Make all SCUBA dives within no decompression limits for the depth you dive.

      1. Continue your SCUBA training by taking advanced open water or specialty courses. Log your dives and try to make at least 12 dives each year. Be a responsible diver.

      1. Diving at night – the access lane/ car park / dive entry points / lake surrounds are not lit. Always have a torch or dive light.

    1. Always dive within the rules, boundaries and recommendations of your dive qualification, outlined by your certifying agency. By booking you agree that you understand and will adhere of these Standard SCUBA Diving Practices.


I hereby agree that I have read and understood all of the above terms and conditions, and will follow all of the above rules and practices. In future visits I will sign in and out of the site, and in doing so agree to the above, and that my personal conditions have not changed since this booking.