Lake Construction

Lake Visitors

Only designated vehicles can park at the lake top car park. All other vehicles to park in Andark's bottom car park.

Please drive slowly 10 mph max and keep a good look out for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders!

For site safety please close the main site access gate behind you. we do not want unauthorized visitors or unaccompanied children venturing on site.

For our neighbours sake please keep noise to a minimum.

All divers must book in at the lake building/reception to collect their tags, these must be worn while on site.

Divers we recommend you carry a knife while underwater.

Please do not disturb the lake geo web or lining.

Dive within your limits, remember you are responsible for your safety.

Unless authorized NO solo diving is permitted.

Treat the entry/exit points like any dive site, these can be slippery and there are trip hazards, we recommend using the hand rails.

All divers must return their tags before leaving the site, lost or non returned tags will incur a £5.00 fee!

Remember to check you have all equipment before leaving the site.

Andark accept no responsibly for lost or stolen equipment or personal belongings.

Lockers are used at your own risk.

Vehicles, motorbikes, bike cycles are left at your own risk whilst on the Andark Lake main site.

The lake access road is a public highway, so the normal highway code applies.

The Lake in Pictures

Divers at the Andark Lake Underwater in the lake Sunken Jet Ski
Diver on the first platform 1.5 metres Entry into the Lake Andark Lake
Andark Lake Entrt point Divier training in th lake Divers training in the lake
Mirror in the Andark Lake Hazel on the jet ski Pontoon at the Andark Lake
Barge Timbers Entry Point A EntryPointB