Lake Construction

Andark Lake Terms and Conditions of Entry

Please read carefully before visiting us.

The following are the terms and conditions that we have introduced due to the nature of our location. Andark Lake is part of a nature reserve and as such we all have a responsibility to ensure that our centre is preserved for all to enjoy. Your understanding is appreciated.

Always follow your diver training agency’s policy on safe diving practices. At no time should you undertake any dive that is beyond the level of your training or ability unless you are undergoing training or supervision from a qualified and fully insured diving instructor.

Andark Lake operates a booking system. You can pre-book online at  or by telephone. Bookings can also be taken on the day, either by telephone, email:-  or by calling into the Main Andark shop, this is subject to availability.

All divers and lake users must report to reception on arrival to check in and collect a tag.

Tags must be worn at all times on site and returned to reception before leaving the site.

Any tags not returned for whatever reason will be charged at a cost of £10.00.

Parking and transport
All vehicles must be parked in the Lower Andark Pool car park in the designated area (Disabled parking/Schools and clubs who have pre booked and arranged parking are the only exception)

One vehicle is allowed at the Lake per School/Club, and will be allocated at the time of booking. There are a maximum of 3 places available.

Parking spaces may be allocated to disabled divers at the management’s discretion. This must be pre arranged when booking.

Driving up the Lane and on site please observe 10 MPH speed limit, park as directed by staff and have respect for others.

Divers’ personal equipment will be transported to and from the lake on one of the Andark Kit Shuttles. These will run three times per day; alternatively you may walk to and from the lake with your equipment, a distance of around 300 metres, using the Trolleys provided in car park.

A full range of Scuba Diving Equipment will be available for hire at the lake. See the pricelist on Website – under kit hire.

Solo Diving
No solo diving unless qualified and with the express prior permission of Andark Lake.

Solo divers must declare their intended dive time and check in to reception both before entering the water and on leaving the water.

Rebreather divers
All rebreather divers must make themselves  known to a member of Andark Lake staff before commencing their dive.

Do not dispose of Sodalime or any other scrubber material any where on site. You must remove from the Lake site for disposal.

Age Requirements
Divers must meet the minimum age requirement of their training agency and be no younger than 10 years old. Children under 12 years old must dive with a parent/guardian or a dive professional.

Carry out your diving activity paying particular attention to buoyancy so as to reduce disturbance to visibility as far as possible for the safety of other divers.

Underwater training platforms are provided for exercises, skills and scenarios. Other trainees should be aware that students may be using these areas and plan their dives to avoid the areas, especially at weekends.

The entry and exit points to and from the lake are clearly identified and these are the only areas to be used. You may not exit the water at any other point.

All entrances and exits to the lake must be kept clear from kit and personal belongings at all times in case of an emergency.

Any person not wearing a zipped up dry suit must wear a buoyancy aid when on the pontoon or at the waters edge.

No guidelines, ropes or SMB lines are to be laid unless permission has been given by Andark Lake.

No DPV’s are to be used without the express permission of Andark Lake management.

Do no damage or remove pieces of the objects of interest in the water or cause any harm to the wildlife/Flora and divers above or below the water.

Children and animals
Children must be controlled and supervised at all times and never left alone. They are not allowed on any of the jetties or on the slipway unless they are kitted up and ready to dive. Children are not allowed to paddle at any time.

Dogs are not permitted on site with the exception of guide dogs by arrangement only.

No ball games permitted around the lake.

Do not run, shout, wave or blow whistles (unless there is an emergency).

All personal litter is to be removed from site to prevent injury to wildlife.

No barbeques, naked flames or charging of vehicles with fuel allowed on site.

The use of still or moving images of any part of the lake for commercial purposes will require specific written permission.

The use of portable compressors and the decanting of oxygen is not permitted anywhere on site.

The cylinder charging area is strictly out of bounds to all members of the public. Cylinders will be filled to a maximum of 232 bars for use in the lake. If you wish to have your cylinder filled for driving in the future you will need to get it filled at the Andark shop prior to leaving the lower car park where 232 bar and 300 gas fills are available.

Andark Lake does not have professional rescue team but will assist with a rescue to the best of their abilities.

No swimming in the Lake unless with the express permission of Andark Lake management – excepts for specific swimming times.

All rescue courses must be reported to a member of Andark staff in the main building before commencement and carried out where instructed to do so.

Emergency Procedures
In the event of an emergency, please inform a member of the Lake staff immediately. Our staff will endeavour to assist you in such circumstances. ALL injuries no matter how minor you think they are must be reported to a member of our staff. Remember – we are there to help!
Andark Lake employs a very simple diver recall signal that you should listen out for at all times when underwater. In the event of an incident that requires all divers to exit the water, a member of our staff will pound a heavy object against one of the metal ladders located at the water’s edge. If you hear the diver recall signal, make a safe ascent and leave the water by the nearest safe exit.
Please note that you are responsible for the management of your own safety whilst you are onsite. Andark Lake staff are there to assist but you or a member of your group must accept full responsibility for the management of any incident.

Dive Schools, Instructors and Divers at Work
All diving schools, instructors, clubs and other divers who use Andark Lake must operate within the requirements of the Diving at Work Regulations 1997. [Proof]

All recreational Diving contractors diving at Andark Lake will need to provide their own nominated surface cover, oxygen administration equipment and first aid equipment.

For dive schools and clubs conducting training activities, Andark Lake offer free entry for instructors who are:

Schools and clubs must submit a group booking form with all student names in advance to qualify.

Whilst the staff at Andark Lake will do their utmost to assist in the case of an emergency, Andark Lake cannot guarantee to provide surface cover, oxygen or first aid to individual diving contractors working on site.

The Lake in Pictures

Divers at the Andark Lake Underwater in the lake Sunken Jet Ski
Diver on the first platform 1.5 metres Entry into the Lake Andark Lake
Andark Lake Entrt point Divier training in th lake Divers training in the lake